How to wear false eyelashes after wearing contact lenses

Author:angel lashes     Date:2019/7/21

Wearing contact lenses can make the wearer's eyes more beautiful and moving. The appearance of contact lenses has been sought after by beauty-loving students. But when you wear contact lenses, you should pay attention to the following points:

First, wash your hands before touching lenses: because it's direct contact with the eyes, it's necessary to prevent dirty things from getting into the eyes and causing infection. So before wearing contact lenses, you should clean your hands and disinfect them with soapy water.
2. For those who wear contact lenses for the first time, the time should not be too long: the length of wearing contact lenses every day depends on the corneal condition of the individual, but it is not recommended to wear contact lenses for more than 12 hours a day, and 5-6 days a week. If you wear color contact lenses, you need to be more cautious. Don't wear contact lenses for more than 10 hours every day. It's better to use them again every other day.
3. Contact lens care solution can not be reused: the cleaning and disinfection effect of care solution is one-time. If it is used repeatedly, it will become the root cause of bacterial growth. Bacteria grow so fast that when they wear contact lenses again, they invade the eyes and cause eye infections.
Fourth, before removing makeup, you must remove contact lenses: most cosmetics have chemical substances. If you accidentally get them into your eyes, you should pay attention to canceling contact lenses immediately to prevent infection. To remove makeup, it is recommended to remove contact lenses before removing makeup, so as to prevent accidental contact with eyes when removing makeup.
Fifth, don't rub your glasses when wearing contact lenses: often rubbing your eyes will accidentally rub out the contact lenses, but also put some bacterial dirty things on your hands into your eyes, so even when wearing glasses at ordinary times, you should try to rub your eyes as little as possible.
Six, when wearing contact lenses, it is best not to apply mascara, wear false eyelashes, and draw eye shadows. Because when foreign bodies fall between contact lenses and eyes carelessly, if they can not be removed, friction may lead to problems; and the glue used to paste false eyelashes also has adverse effects on contact lenses and eyes.
The purpose of wearing contact lenses is to make ourselves more beautiful, so we suggest that everyone love beauty while paying attention to their own safety problems and try to buy authentic contact lenses online. In addition, remember that contact lenses can not be lent to others to wear oh.