what To Do When eyslashes Hit Your Glasses

Author:angel lashes     Date:2018/7/9

What To Do When Lashes Hit Your Glasses

Wearing eyelashes makes you look more beautiful. When the sun is shining in the summer, you have to wear sunglasses, when your annoyance comes, the eyelashes you wear always touch the eyelashes. It's very annoying. How can you break this trouble?

Buy new glasses or Sunglasses:

Shop locally and always try the best fit! Looking for round curved glasses. Flat glasses will be close to your face, while round glasses will allow more room between your eyelashes and lenses. It may take many attempts to find the perfect shape to keep your eyelashes free and clear, but a little persisting, and you will get a perfect pair of rewards.

Applicable to existing glasses and sunglasses.

If you have worn glasses or sunglasses and your eyelashes are hitting them, the optometrists may help you to be free and clear. Glasses usually don't sit directly up and down. They are tilted (which is known as the inclination of the endoscope), so the bottom of the frame is closer to the face and a little farther from the top. In many cases the tilt can be adjusted. Visit your local optical office to see if your glasses can be installed to better fit your eyelashes by moving the top to a little distance away from your face.

Customize your eyelashes for the lenses:

If you can't adjust the lens, try adjusting the eyelash! Ask your eyelash stylist to change a more dramatic curly hair.